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    What types of cargo containers does Legend Maritime offer for rent or sale?

    Legend Maritime offers a wide range of cargo containers for rent or sale, including dry containers, open-top containers, refrigerated containers, double-door containers, ISO fluid tank containers, and special containers.

    What are the lease options available for cargo containers?

    Legend Maritime offers several lease options, including short-term lease, long-term lease, master lease, lifecycle lease, lease purchase, purchase and leaseback, and one-way container leasing.

    Does Legend Maritime provide transportation for cargo containers?

    Yes, Legend Maritime provides transportation services for cargo containers to and from the customer’s desired location.

    How can I make a payment for my cargo container rental or purchase?

    Customers can make payment for their cargo container rental or purchase through various payment methods, including wire transfer, cash, or credit card.

    Can I modify the cargo container to fit my specific needs?

    Yes, Legend Maritime offers modification services for cargo containers to meet the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

    How can I report any issues with the cargo container?

    Customers can report any issues with the cargo container to Legend Maritime’s customer support team, which is available 24/7 to address any concerns or problems.

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