Cargo Container Solutions

    Cargo container solutions have revolutionized the way businesses transport goods across the globe. Whether you’re in the logistics, shipping, or storage industry, finding the right cargo container solution is essential for streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. Cargo container solutions encompass a range of products and services designed to facilitate the storage and transportation of goods. From standard dry containers to specialized refrigerated units, there is a wide variety of options available to suit different needs.

    Why Choose Legend Maritime for Your Cargo Needs?

    Customized solutions– We do not offer product renting solutions to everyone. Every firm is different, in our opinion, and needs a customised approach to delivery. We make sure you find the right option for you by providing you with a range of possibilities.

    Economical choices– We recognize how critical it is to maximise efficiency and keep expenses under control. Our charging options are made to be economical so you can reduce costs without sacrificing dependability or quality.

    Reliability and security– Our first considerations when it comes to shipping your items are dependability and security. By delivering your cargo safely and on schedule, Legend Maritime will earn your trust, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your company with confidence.

    Team with Experience– Our team of professionals has years of experience in the logistics and shipping fields. From the minute you get in contact with us until your goods arrive safely at their destination, we are committed to giving you the finest possible service.

    Our Products

    Our dry containers are built to last and keep your goods safe from moisture and external influences. Our refrigerated containers for temperature-sensitive cargo offer precise air conditioning, ensuring your products arrive fresh and healthy.

    Different type of containers in dubai

    Dry Container

    Our dry containers are available in multiple sizes to suit a range of cargo loads and are built by industry standards. Our steel containers are strong and resistant to weather, so your cargo will be transported in safety and security.nbstandards. Our steel containers are strong and resistant to weather, so your cargo will be transported in safety and security.nb

    Open Top Containers

    Our open containers are perfect for large machines, pipelines, and trees that must be craned or overhead loaded. Reinforced corners add extra strength to our heavy-duty containers built to last.

    Refrigerated Container

    Modern refrigeration systems can keep your goods at the proper temperature and humidity during the trip, guaranteeing their quality and freshness. To ensure that the containers are constantly in perfect condition, we additionally offer monitoring and support services at all times.

    Double Door Containers

    Designed to give our clients a reliable and safe means of moving their cargo. Our Double Door Containers are perfect for long-distance freight transportation since they include doors on both ends, making cargo loading and unloading simple.


    ISO Fluid Tank Containers

    Our containers are designed to meet the highest safety standards and ensure the secure transportation of various fluids, including chemicals, food-grade products, and hazardous materials.

    Generator Sets

    Our generator sets are designed to deliver maximum power output while minimizing fuel consumption, helping you save on operational costs in the long run. With our advanced technology, you can rely on it to provide unparalleled power and reliability in various applications. We can provide power solutions for any location, including construction sites and busy city centers.

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